As we embrace week seven of isolation, we can’t help but wonder what life will look like post-COVID, and what new trends we’ll see throughout events in 2021! We’re already noticing an increase in inquiries for micro weddings, and we think this trend will continue for the next couple of years. More than ever, people are yearning to feel connected, and we think we’ll see more intimate weddings complete with farm tables and pendant lighting for a result that feels more like a family dinner than an extravagant soirée.

With so many people looking for positivity and inspiration amidst all of the uncertainty, we also think there will be a rise in bold uses of color. This is right up our alley, and we could not be more excited to see how people incorporate more color into their event designs! Statement wedding decor goes hand in hand with bright colors, and we think we’ll see bigger and bolder ceremony backdrops, escort displays, food/drink displays, and more. Does it spark joy? If so, it’s right on trend for life post-COVID!

In their desire to feel connected, we’re finding that people are also looking for ways to support their communities and stay local! We think we’ll see a surge in requests for eco-friendly and earth-conscious options following the pandemic, with a focus on authenticity and sustainability. With people thinking more about eco-friendly options, we’re expecting to see more planted greenery and dried florals throughout 2021 weddings.


Checking in with ourselves and encouraging positivity seems more important now than ever, and we think people will turn to statement decor that sparks joy for their 2021 weddings and events! Beautiful escort walls like the dried flowers displayed on our Marilyn Shelves, and fun food displays like this ice cream bar set-up on our Monet Cart will be on the rise in upcoming years.


Even once restrictions are lifted, we’re expecting to see an increase in micro and intimate weddings. People really want to feel close and connected to their loved ones right now, and an intimate wedding that feels more like a family gathering is the perfect way to achieve that. Expect to see lots of farm tables and cozy lighting in the upcoming years!

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In the midst of isolation, we’re finding that people are giving more thought to sustainability. As design trends more towards the more eco-conscious, we think we’ll see lots of greenery, potted plants, and dried arrangements at upcoming events. These are some of our favorite design elements to work with, so we’re pretty excited about this trend! Dried accents are a great option for boho vibes, and they complement our collection of rattan so nicely. We also love the idea of incorporating greenery into a lounge grouping like we did with our Palm Springs Backdrops, Baine Sofa, and Gramercy Chairs in the above photo!


People are eager for inspiration right now, and we think this will result in an increase in the use of bold colors and statement wedding decor for the next year or two! Are we super excited about this? You know it!!! Give us ALL. THE. COLORS. Items with fun textures like our Soho Tinsel Backdrop and Fiji Palm Panel will also be super popular, as well as unique items like our York Windows.


Lighting is a great way to set the vibe at an event, and we’ve always found that hanging pendant lights helps to create an intimate and cozy feel. With people craving smaller, more intimate events in 2021, we think we’ll see an uptick in lighting requests! Lights like our Edison Bulbs are a great option for venues with an industrial vibe, and they pair so well with simple greenery and long rows of farm tables. We also love the combination of our colored Griffin Pendant Lights and Isadora Black Rattan Lights in the photo above. Not only is it such a stylish combo, but it works great above both dining tables and lounge groupings!


With people wanting to find ways to support their communities in the midst of all this uncertainty, authenticity and sustainability are likely to become a focus in 2021 weddings and events. A desire for eco-friendly and earth-conscious options will result in more requests for vintage furniture, as well as reclaimed wood farm tables and china handmade by local artisans.

What trends do you hope surface in the next couple of years? Be sure to stay tuned for more posts in the next couple of weeks as we dive deeper into each of these trends!

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