Do you ever wish you could take our rentals home? Well, now you can! We are super excited to announce that we are officially offering a selection of our rentals for home staging! Our handmade and vintage pieces are the perfect way to make your property stand out and maximize your selling price. Unique pieces like our handmade and vintage furniture create well-curated spaces and realllllly help potential buyers to envision themselves living there. It’s not that we don’t like normal staging furniture, but adding our one-of-a-kind upholstered pieces, tables, and decor will definitely elevate your property to buyers!

Since I’m surrounded by our collection of pretty on a daily basis, when my hubby and I put our home in Park View in Washington DC on the market last December, staging it with our pieces was a no brainer! Incorporating our sofas and decor made a huge difference, and I am so so sure that it helped us get a higher selling price than it would have otherwise. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, we cannot recommend staging enough. So, take a look and browse our collection of pretty! All prices online are for daily rentals, but if you want a longer-term rental for home staging, please inquire and we can give you a quote and let you know which pieces in our collection are available for long term rentals. We can’t wait for you to see our pieces work their magic in your home!

vintage_staging_rental_dc_0670.jpgWe had so much fun staging this pop-up shop for Claire Pettibone in NYC! Pieces like our Lillie Buffet and Alice Sofa made a huge impact and helped to create a stylish and comfortable space for Claire’s gorgeous collection.

vintage_staging_rental_dc_0662.jpgWhat an inviting dining nook! We can’t stress enough how much of an impact staging has when going to sell a home. Incorporating a set up like this creates a beautiful focal point out of a space that potential buyers otherwise might not have known what to do with. It’s a win win!
vintage_staging_rental_dc_0665.jpgHow inviting is our Billie Sofa and Janice Coffee Table? This gorgeous combo reminds us not to skimp on the details! Small pieces like our vintage books, brass pheasant, and assorted throw pillows make all the difference here.
vintage_staging_rental_dc_0663.jpgIf you want to create a truly unforgettable space, shop our boho collection! We love mixing things up and our Summer Peacock Chairs and Dupont Whitewashed Table are the perfect pair. One thing’s for sure– potential buyers aren’t going to forget about this unique space anytime soon!vintage_staging_rental_dc_0669.jpgThis is such a cool yet cozy grouping! We love the eclectic feel of these pieces, and our Clover Amber Pendant Lights and Hasil Vintage Rug give off a really warm and natural vibe. Buyers are sure to instantly feel right at home!
vintage_staging_rental_dc_0655.jpgThis set up is giving off some serious Joanna Gaines vibes! It’s no secret that she is one of the country’s most popular designers, but you don’t actually need her to sell your house when you’ve got our pieces to dress your place up. We love using our rentals for staging because it makes spaces feel so intentional and inviting without actually having to hire an expensive interior designer!vintage_staging_rental_dc_0659.jpg

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