Looking for a unique vintage centerpiece? We made a beautiful vase of plaster dipped flowers here at Something Vintage the other day. This is a rustic, weathered, and vintage table-topper that could easily be replicated for all dinner tables at your wedding!
Fake Flowers (open flowers catch the plaster and dry with the most visible detail)
Wire Cutters
Clothes pins (to hang flowers for drying)
Step 1: Prepare flowers. Cut off each flower from the bunch – and remove all leaves from each stem.
Step 2: Mix plaster in an old disposable container (big enough for the open flower to be dipped inside).
Step 3: Dip each flower in the plaster and coat the pedals. Shake off the excess plaster and set aside while dipping additional flowers.
Step 4: Hang the flowers outside to dry. Placing them outside will help them dry faster – and keep them from dripping on your floor indoors.
Step 5: Once your flowers are dry, place them in a fun vase to create a unique centerpiece. We put newspaper in the bottom of this tea pot to help keep the flowers in place.