I have been looking forward to writing this post because I love working with insanely talented NYC-DC based photographer Anne Robert.  Her shots are all stunning and she is great at capturing the emotion of the moment like few other photographers that I’ve seen.  Did I mention that she has killer style?


Look how cute she is?!  Now for her amazing photos…


This is what Wedding Chicks had to say about her photography: “Anne Robert’s work is romantic without affectation, self-assured, and feminine. With an eye for the blissful and beautiful, Anne provides her passion and artistry to her clients”



She shoots in all film and you can just see how her dedication to the art of photography shines through in each picture.  I love working with her on photoshoots because I know everything she shoots will be amazing.




Actually, almost all of my photoshoots have been with Anne, so if you see an amazing photo from a photoshoot on my site, she probably snapped it.   I can’t recommend her highly enough to my clients!