Last year, we invested in our very own kiln so we could start bringing our crazy dreams to life right here at SVR! With the help of Cole of Norton-Smith Ceramics, and after months and months of hard work, we were able to finally bring our vision to life. We couldn’t be more excited to debut our full Soleil Tableware Collection that WE made right here in our SVR pottery studio!

We had such a specific vision for this collection, so we opted to create our own custom glazes for these tone-on-tone beauties, and topped them off with 22k hand-painted gold rims. With our coral chargers starting the ombré party, and our bread and butter plates ending in a soft blush, this color combo is pretty much perfection in our book! PLUS, we have coordinating salt cellars, napkin rings, and even candlestick holders (coming soon!). We can’t wait to show you everything we’re dreaming up, but, in the meantime, please enjoy this sneak peek of our latest collection!

handmade_china_rentals_dc_0138.jpghandmade_china_rentals_dc_0144.jpgOur new Soleil Tableware coordinates so well with a variety of our flatware collections, but we opted to pair the plates with our brand new Reine Lucite Flatware for their debut. The lucite is subtle yet pretty, so it wasn’t distracting and really let our handmade china shine! To tie in even more sunset hues, we incorporated blush and clear goblets, as well as light amber champagne coupes.
handmade_china_rentals_dc_0140.jpgWe feel so lucky to have built so many amazing friendships within the events industry over the years, and the unveiling of this collection wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some truly amazing friendors! Laura Hooper graced our handmade napkin rings with her gorgeous calligraphy, and Lisa Zeising of Abby Jiu Photography gave us the most beautiful photos of everything. Finally, the team at Sweet Root Village designed the florals for us, and what they created for us exceeded even our wildest expectations. I mean, can we talk about this stunning arrangement for a minute?! We asked for allll the sunset hues, and we couldn’t be more in love with this combination of florals in hues of amber, blush, and mauve. handmade_china_rentals_dc_0137.jpg
handmade_china_rentals_dc_0141.jpgCole brought our vision for this collection to life, and we are so, so happy he’s now a full-time member of the SVR Team! In addition to being our pottery guru, Cole has a million hidden talents. He sews, knows all about tie-dye, and even taught us how to make the most beautiful paper snowflakes at Christmas this year. Stay tuned for another post dedicated to all things Cole!

handmade_china_rentals_dc_0149.jpgWe wanted a clean, seamless backdrop for the unveiling of our Soleil Tableware, so in typical SVR fashion, we built a new table to accompany the collection! The waterfall design of our Wesley Midcentury Tables is so chic and stylish. Plus, it looks soooo good with our Wye Wishbone Chairs! That’s a wrap! We had so much fun creating this collection, and couldn’t be happier with the result. Next up, an ombré tableware collection with shades of blue. Stay tuned! 😘

DESIGN + RENTALS: Something Vintage Rentals || PHOTOGRAPHY: Lisa Zeising for Abby Jiu Photography || FLORALS: Sweet Root Village || CALLIGRAPHY: Laura Hooper Calligraphy ||