One of the things we try to do as DC lovers and residents is to source our vintage rental inventory and our reclaimed wood from the District. All of our pieces have a story and I’ve been negligent at telling them, but honestly, they are just too good not to share.

So let’s start with our vintage fireplace mantle, the Park Place. I found her in pretty rough shape in 2013. A real estate developer was in the process of gutting a house on Park Place NW in DC to be renovated and flipped, so they were going to trash her given her current state–she had literally been spray painted what I would call metallic camo colors so I understand why some people would this it was unsalvageable. This mantle was original to the house and had been in there since 1913 and had seen generations of Washingtonians grow up, get married, have babies and celebrate holidays—a century worth! I thought it was so sad that the developers were going to just trash this piece of history…so I saved her.


2016-07-09_0004.jpgI gave her a good sanding and a few coats of paint and now we have our Park Place Mantle. I truly love that she has been the backdrop for wedding ceremonies, baby showers, and birthday parties and is continuing to take part in special moments in our clients’ lives. And her story continues…

WEDDING VENUE:  Murray Hill, Leesburg VA  ||  PHOTOGRAPHER:  Beth T Photography   || RENTALS:  Something Vintage || COORDINATOR:  The Finer Points, Lynn Iannizzi || FLOWERS:  Dragonfly Events and Design, Gretchen Wade