Even with wedding inquiry season in full swing, we’ve been getting sooo many requests for school fundraisers! So many, in fact, that we decided to dedicate a blog post to it! It can be a daunting task for our clients to have to transform gyms for an elegant night that fits their theme, but incorporating awesome vintage and handmade pieces like ours can make a huge difference.

Incorporating reclaimed wood farm tables is always a great way to elevate a space’s design! Favorites like our Dupont, Brentwood, and District Farm Tables are great for sit down dinners, and pair well with a variety of chairs. For auctions or events where dinner won’t be served, we always suggest bringing in a mix of our Pub Height Tables and our Girard and Quincy Cocktail Tables for guests to mingle at. Our farm tables are also great options for food stations!

When working with a blank canvas, it’s super helpful to create a focal point. Larger pieces like our statement bars and Meridian Pergola are great for this, and can be styled to work with a variety of themes. Whether you set up a stylish lounge grouping under the Meridian, or a festive welcome station, these pieces will help anchor the space and direct the eye of guests as they enter!Photo booths are practically a staple at functions now, and we always recommend having a unique and fun backdrop for guests to pose in front of! We’re constantly adding new backdrops to our inventory, and a lot of these pieces are also customizable! Our Camden, Marilyn, Calypso, and Asher backdrops all have the option of add-on shelving. If you don’t use them for a photo booth, just add our reclaimed wood shelves for a festive favor or escort card display that is sure to wow your guests!We love it when our pieces can serve multiple purposes! Items like our Lowell Lockers, Richmond Factory Cart, Thurmont Post Office Window, and Charles Card Catalog can be perfect for displaying both escort displays and favors– even a dining table can work when artfully arranged! Not only do vintage pieces like these provide a creative twist, but they’re also sure to wow your guests!


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