Styling Portfolio

We love styling. I mean, we get to work people on the happiest day(s) of their lives, and bring inspiration to reality. All those things you’ve been swooning over on Pinterest? Imagine walking into a venue where all those elements come together for your guests and loved ones. We love couples, and celebrating how unique each couple’s journey, quirks and relationship is. We love babies, and celebrating the adventure of a new family. Styling makes us happy, and we hope our styling makes you happy too.

Here are a few of our favorite events that we’ve styled:


KATHERINE AND DAVID wanted a wedding that celebrated not only their love for each other, but their love for their children, family and friends. Their wedding spoke volumes in how understated, elegant and homey it all felt. Held in their Annapolis backyard, their wedding was  a perfect summer evening — warm, casual, welcoming. It was the kind of night you never want to end; dinner surrounded by soft laughter, twinkling lights, boats, and lots of stolen kisses.



ELISE AND RAMEY are the kind of couple that makes you feel at ease the moment you meet them. They were looking to have a wedding that encouraged their guests to relax, enjoy nature and good company. With their vows, they joined their families together – and brought their home and family literally into the wedding! Dawn incorporated personal elements and heirlooms into every nook and cranny of the ceremony and reception – focusing on creating spaces and experiences that made for getting cozy and sharing secret moments. Autumn in Virginia is already gorgeous, we just helped accent it with jewel tones.


GINA AND JOHN are FUN and so adorable. From the moment we met them – it was obvious that their wedding was going to be a bundle of energy. Gina had an inspiration for a soft, romantic and timeless wedding followed by a reception that was just as vibrant and lively as they were. The day progressed seamlessly from a dreamy, blush and peach ceremony in a “little white church in the great outdoors” to a dance party to end all dance parties. Using loose organic greens, natural tones, lace and three bars this wedding felt like a fairy tale with a great soundtrack.