Since having Baby June, I’ve been focusing on what Something Vintage means, what we believe here, and how we are different from other rentals compnaies. We believe that having handmade and authentic vintage pieces is a big deal. It takes A LOT of extra work to overhaul a piece that was once forgotten and give it new, beautiful life but that’s why we do what we do—we take the forgotten and make it beautiful again and continue on the story of each piece. This is what we do, this is what makes us tick. After a lot of reflection, I came up with our Creed (below). I love it and hope that you do too!

The SVR CREED:   Handmade and vintage pieces are our obsession, our passion, and why we get up in the morning. ☀️ We believe that by choosing hand-salvaged timber and heirloom furniture frames for our collections, something beautiful happens. 🌈 Our pieces are inherently special because no two are exactly alike and each has a story that has stood the test of time. ⏳ We, at Something Vintage, transform centuries-old wood and salvaged architectural elements into kick-a$$ custom bars and tables. 💪 We tirelessly hunt down forgotten sofas and chairs, painstakingly refinish their frames, and reupholster them in rich fabrics to continue on their stories. 🛠 We believe handmade and authentically vintage are worth the sweat, time, and tears it takes to bring these beauties back to life. 😇 It’s what gets our blood going, and it’s why we do what we do. Welcome to our version of vintage, where craft, patina, style, and awesomeness reign supreme. Boom! 💥 Who’s with us?


— Dawn