We are pleased to present our latest reupholstery project, our lovely, distressed, natural linen couch! Please check out this page for all the renting details.


Reupholstery step by step:

We chose to a beautiful tan Belgian linen and decided on a old weathered looking effect for the frame. If you are doing your own reupholstry project feel free to get creative using different fabrics and painting treatments.



After acquiring the sofa from a friend, we started by taking all the old, decaying, green fabric off. Most of it came off by cutting it away, be sure to note how the fabric was put on (this will help you put the new fabric on.)


Then, we painted all the wood solid white (it should take two or three coats.)


Then, we started sanding away the paint, focusing on creating a chippy effect.


After we had a desired look, we dry brushed cream paint over the top and sanded again.

Once all the trim was finished we moved on to the upholstery. We cut all the pieces out and stapled (as close the the edge as possible) around the top and sides. Then, wrapped the fabric tightly underneath  and stapled again, along the bottom.



Next, we started sewing the trim. Here is a great tutorial on sewing the double trim we chose. After all the sewing is finished, trim away all extra fabric hanging on the right side of the cording.


Then, we attached all the trim using hot glue, and making sure to cover all staples and unfinished wood.



Clean the sofa using a lint roller and your sofa is complete!