Apparently this is the week for big announcements– we are SO excited to announce our new partnership with Modern Foliage! We’re living out all of our crazy plant lady dreams– that’s right, we are officially RENTING plants for events!! Whether you’re in need of floor plants or tabletop plants- we’ve got something for everyone! Birds of Paradise, Yuccas, Fiddle Figs, Money Plants… the list goes on and on! As amazing as our furniture is, we’ve realized in the past couple of years that sometimes you just need a little something green to tie everything together. Ever since we discovered the ladies at Modern Foliage at the end of last year, plants have been our go-to and now that we’re renting, we’re so excited to let you in on this little styling secret. We hope you enjoy the preview below and be sure to check out our full inventory online here!

We are doubly excited about these pics as this is also the big unveiling of our brand new Rumi Marigold Tufted Sofa! Could we be any more in love?! This color is so unique and we pulled out all the stops to give her an over-the-top jungle paradise backdrop! P.S. How cool are our Lowell Vintage Lockers?plant_event_rentals_dc_0621.jpgHoly monstera! This is one of our all time favorite plants- the giant leaves are so gorgeous and the pop of green is the perfect way to add interest to our lounge packages. And did you spot the little maidenhair fern on our Newton Coffee Table? This is a perfect example of one of the many tabletop plants we’re now stocking!plant_event_rentals_dc_0619.jpgAnother maidenhair fern– such a cutie! And can we talk about our Odette Porcelain Swan for a sec? We love using fun vintage pieces like this as planters!plant_event_rentals_dc_0618.jpgDisco fever! We brought in a few of our faves for June’s first fiesta! This combination of Monstera, Yucca, and Boston Fern plants was the perfect way to fill an empty corner we weren’t quite sure what to do with. That’s what we love about incorporating plants into our designs- they make everything feel complete and alive!plant_event_rentals_dc_0620.jpgThese are a few of our favorite pieces (Sage Rattan Chair ✔️Poppy Midcentury Sofa ✔️Phoenix Bar and Bar Back ✔️), so obviously we had to pair them with one of our favorite plants! The Majesty Palm lives up to its name here and we are in loooove! 😍plant_event_rentals_dc_0617.jpgWe love this funky trio of cacti (adorable faux cactus via Hook & Yarn Designs). In this instance, we used a combination of cacti to dress up a buffet that needed some love!