We’ve been adding so many fun pieces to our collection lately, and we’re beyond excited to share some pics of our newest inventory with you! From lounge groupings to textiles to tables, there’s something for everyone. All summer long, we’ve been hard at work reupholstering and refinishing some beautiful vintage sofas and chairs. Our warehouse might feel like a sweltering sauna most days, but our incredible team powered through and we could not be more stoked with the results! In addition to upholstered furniture, we’ve added a whopping three new chair styles to our inventory! Louis French-style chairs like our Roux are classic and elegant, while options like our Wye have a more mid century vibe. We even added a super cool black dining chair option perfect for a stylish wedding ceremony or reception! Whether you’re looking to feature a fun seating area at your next event, or are in need of a chic reception set up, our new pieces our sure to wow your guests.

vintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0087.jpgvintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0095.jpgWhen we were approached by Grit + Grace about this Frida Kahlo inspired editorial to celebrate the launch of the new event space at the National Portrait Gallery, we knew we wanted to incorporate some of our rad new pieces! In addition to our new Wye Wishbone Chairs, we knew our Union Metal Truss was a no-brainer. Sweet Root Village decked it out with tons of gorgeous blooms, and the truss was the perfect statement piece to adorn with a variety of our rattan and amber lanterns!
vintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0096.jpgDawn spent days working alongside our talented carpenter to create this ahhhmazing new dining table! Each plank of reclaimed wood was hand-picked to create this stunning herringbone pattern. Designed with tapered legs, our new Ivy City Table is a great mid century option. The best part? It looks great with a variety of our chair options, including two brand new styles: the Wye Wishbone Chairs and Penn Black Chairs!We wanted this vintage mailbox so badly, we picked it up in New York, stuffed it into a tiny rental car, and trekked it all the way home to DC! A fresh coat of white paint made all the difference, and now our Hudson Mailbox is such a fun place for guests to deposit cards. vintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0097.jpgWe salvaged these decorative panels from the British Embassy and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! After ditching the outdated floral fabric they had when we found them and sprucing up the gold frames, our London Pin Boards are perfect for creating a chic escort display!
vintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0098.jpgWe’ve been building sooo many new bars lately, but the Augustine has to be one of our favorites! The white wood is timeless and elegant, plus the panels are perfect for adding a customized decal or monogram. Incredibly versatile, the Augustine Bar is available in 6′, 12′, U-shape, and square configurations!
vintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0088.jpgSo many pieces we love in one gorgeous photo! We’ve been searching for the perfect rust colored fabric for ages now, and we were SO happy when we finally found the perfect hue! After sanding down the frame on our Memphis Sofa, we had it reupholstered in this rusty hue, making it such a fun boho piece! Paired here with our brand new Collins Chairs, we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We’ve been adding sooo many new white pieces to our inventory lately, and the Collins are just a couple of our faves! We might need to dedicate an entire post to just our new white pieces- stay tuned, friends!
vintage_furniture_rentals_dc_0090.jpgWe sourced fun new pillows in various shades of neon pink, yellow, and orange for this awesome 4th birthday party! Unique details like orange poms and embroidery make these pillows such a great way to brighten up a lounge grouping and create a festive seating area.

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