Hi, friends! As we all weather the coronavirus storm, our hearts go out to all of the couples whose wedding plans are suddenly up in the air. With the event industry reeling from the effects of the virus, we’re feeling so grateful for our community of friendors and all of the amazing clients who have been so understanding and flexible in the midst of our chaotic and sometimes scary new reality.

Now more than ever, we feel it is so important to choose joy and love over fear and negativity! Proving love really does conquer all, some couples are opting for small ceremonies at home and intimate family dinners so they can still tie the knot while limiting exposure. We are SO on board with this trend, and are loving the idea of small, intimate receptions as an alternative to large bashes. Postponing a wedding is no easy feat, and sticking with a wedding date in April or early May makes it so much more likely your florist and other vendors will be available. Plus, no extended engagement! These smaller weddings provide the couple and their guests with the comforts of home which, let’s face it, is what we’re all really craving during this time of uncertainty. 

We hope the pictures below inspire you to host your own cozy gathering! The world feels more than a little crazy right now, but at SVR, we’ll continue promoting joy and celebrating love stories. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a hand with the decor or event design for you own intimate dinner. We would love to help you tell your story of #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona.  Stay safe & healthy, everyone!

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    intimate_wedding_rentals_dc_0154.jpgWe love a fully upholstered ceremony set-up, and intimate weddings are a great way to explore design options that might be too costly for a larger guest count. Our large collection of upholstered furniture is perfect for mixing and matching, making this a great option for any boho bride!
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    intimate_wedding_rentals_dc_0151.jpgIf a small wedding just isn’t for you but you’re forced to postpone due to the virus, we recommend planning something special for you and your fiancé to do on your original wedding date. A number of catering companies in the DC area are offering gourmet meals delivered to your door (we’re looking at you, Ridgewells!) so you can share a special meal together all while social distancing.intimate_wedding_rentals_dc_0162.jpg
    intimate_wedding_rentals_dc_0159.jpgA great choice for intimate gatherings, our NoMa Low Farm Tables are a fun and cozy dining option! Layer some fun rugs to complete the look and lots of plush floor pillows, and you’ll have created a dining experience that is not only stylish but so fun too!

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