While many of you know that we love thrifting and hunting through estate sales, we wanted to take a moment  to highlight some of our green practices for those eco-friendly wedding planners and soon-to-be married couples out there.  
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  1. Our vintage dishes keep new resources from being used to make new china.  We are loads better than disposable china!
  2. Rental deliveries are made by hybrid vehicle whenever possible.  Fun Fact: a Toyota Prius can fit 8 dining chairs in it! 
  3. We hand wash all dishes with gentle detergent and as few chemicals as possible.  We also hand dry them with cotton reusable towels.
  4. We pad our dishes with washable cushions whenever possible to reduce landfill waste. 
  5. Our lace linens not only have far fewer wrinkles than mass produced linens, but since we wash them all ourselves they aren’t repackaged each use in plastic.
  6. We repurpose chipped, broken, and stained china to make new unique creations and keep old china out of landfills.
  7. We repurpose old architectural elements such as radiator covers and trunks into lounge areas and bars.  Who knew?!
 So if you or your friends are looking for a eco-friendly wedding vendor, please consider Something Vintage!