MD Family Portrait Prop Rentals

We FINALLY have family photos!  We’ve been so busy with weddings and our little Hank that we haven’t had time to get pictures taken as a family since we had Hank last December—and now he just turned one! Annnnd since we are expecting another little addition this May, I’m so glad we got this shoot in before I was totally showing my preggo-ness.  Rebekah Murray shot these at Rust Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA–a huge thank you to her for her patience with photographing a one year old!

DC Family Portrait Prop Rentals

Vintage Furniture Portrait SessionVA Family Photo Prop RentalsVA Family Portrait Prop Rentals

I love Hank’s homeless-chic man hair. I sadly had the sides trimmed a bit after the photos but he’s still rocking some pretty long locks.   The good thing about hair is that it grows back so we can rock the baby man bun soon again!

DC Family Photo Prop Rentals

Thank you to my husband Zach for lugging our merlot Billie sofa out into the field with a smile on your face. And to think, he even offered to go pick up a couch from the Something Vintage warehouse if I wanted one— I didn’t even have to ask!  One tip for getting toddlers to sit still for photos is to have a chair or piece of furniture for them to sit on.  Overtime we put Hank on the ground, he just tried to crawl away/put the grass in his mouth!

MD Family Photo Furniture RentalsThis is Hankster in one of my favorite jewel-toned chairs, the Truman.   Such a big boy! Thank you again to Rebekah for taking these beautiful pictures!

VENUE:  Rust Sanctuary, Leesburg, VA   ||  PHOTOGRAPHY:  Rebekah Murray  || VINTAGE RENTALS AND PROPS:  Something Vintage Rentals