Tea Cups and Saucers

Tea Cups and Saucers

Looking for a pretty cup of tea or coffee?  We have hundreds of antique ornate tea cups complete with all the gold trim and prettiness that any gal could want.   Each tea cup comes with a beautiful saucer.  These are perfect for tea parties, weddings, or any gathering where you need some extra loveliness.


We have dozens of lovely platters and serving bowls to accompany our vintage china.  These are well-suited for a family-style dinner, a buffet, or dessert display.  We have lovely silver-plated serving utensils as well.

antique platters


$3.99   Serving bowls
$3.99   Serving platters

$4.99   Dessert platters
$1.49   Serving spoons

Antique Flatware

Antique Flatware

Gold Flatware

How lovely is this vintage stunning gold flatware?  For those who want to bring in some gold to their event, these are  the perfect touch that will stand out in your photos and that your guests will love.

We have a number of patterns that are mix and matched.


Gold Flatware


Price: $1.25 (per piece)

Sliver Flatware

Your guests will definitely take notice of our antique silverware.   Our flatware really stands out compared to stainless–it has the antique luster and each piece is decorated with intricate patterns that you don’t see in today’s silverware.   These look great with our antique china.

We can provide mismatching or  matching sets.



Price: $0.75 (per piece)

Tea Party Packages

Tea Party Packages

vintage mismatched china rentals in Washington DC

 Good news!  To make hosting a lovely tea party a worry-free as possible and based on customer requests, we’ve created our Afternoon Tea Party Package that includes everything the hostess with the mostest will need for a successful fete.  We have two different packages–one for local rentals and one for those rentals that will be shipped.

We also offer a la carte items for anyone wishing to include lace linens, platters, or milk glass vases.  The advantage of the package is that it is all inclusive and it is less than if you reserve the items individually.  How easy is that?!

If you are interested in our tea party package, please shoot me an email at: info@somethingvintagerentals.com and I’ll provide further information.