Finding the Perfect Blue Wedding Shoes

Finding the Perfect Blue Wedding Shoes

Blue shoes can be a great way to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding attire. Here are some tips to find the perfect pair for your big day.
Narrow your search when looking online by the most important criteria first. Too broad a search will overwhelm and too narrow a search will become frustrating. Allow yourself 2 or 3 non-negotiables (example: must be aqua and have a high heel), but after that keep the search (and your mind) open.  Great places to search are Shopstyle and Polyvore, which collect photos of top products.  Don’t forget international sites like Yoox that may have lesser known European brands- that’s where I found my aqua patent pumps!

Remember there are many shades of blue out there. Do you need a specific shade to match the decor? Maybe you don’t know quite yet, and that’s okay! We have shoes in cobalt, light, navy, and aqua already organized on our pinterest page. Try similar words in your search too (light blue can be described as baby, powder, turquoise, robin egg, angel, cyan, sky, and pastel).
Once you have an assortment of color appropriate shoes – the pair you pick should also complement the atmosphere of your wedding. At Something Vintage, we understand paying attention to small details like show color hard. Don’t give up though – it’ll be worth it in the end!
Here are some examples of lovely blue wedding shoes. 
Badgley Mischka’s aqua blue satin pump is conservative (as it covers your entire foot) with a hit of sex appeal from the peep toe. Perfect for a Classic and Feminine Wedding.

Christian Louboutin’s Blanca Watersnake Pump is always a perfect 10, whether a barn wedding or at four star hotel.  How can you go wrong with a deep color and amazing texture like this?
Steve Madden’s cobalt blue satin pump has a sky high heel with rhinestones and a platform front. Perfect for a Trendy and Edgy Wedding.

Modcloth’s navy blue and white slingback heel screams 1940s with it’s peep toe and bow detail. Perfect for a Vintage Wedding.
Madden Girl’s aqua blue t-strap sandals with gold buckles and toe plate are light and airy. Perfect for a Beach Wedding.
Enzo Angiolini’s navy blue suede and glitter heels have a lot of character. Wearing these would be a cause for celebration! Perfect for a glamourous wedding.

Happy Hunting!

Decorating with Vintage Books

Decorating with Vintage Books

Finding vintage books – with rustic covers and well-worn pages – can be an exciting adventure and an inexpensive way to add some charm to your home, wedding, or party.  Books in centerpieces? Check.  Tabletop? Check.  Mixing with stashed-away collectibles? Check and check.  

This coffee table vignette is filled with vintage books, milk glass, depression glass, doilies, tea cups and tea pots. We selected items vary in texture, shape, color, pattern, and era – helping create an eclectic atmosphere.  We heart eclectic!
We believe adding varied heights is key to completing a well-decorated space A tall skinny vase, next to a short stout vase, will look lovely on some smaller antique novels. 

To make your house feel inviting and lived-in, try laying open a vintage book on a side table.  Create dimension and texture by stacking a saucer and tea cup on top of a small round doily over the text. Placing a piece of fruit inside the cup is a creative way to make sure the glass is always more than half full!
Try placing books horizontally and vertically. Some books we stack straight on top of one another, while others are placed at multiple angles. Play around with both and go with your gut; sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the table to recognize what you like and what you don’t.
Please send us your photos of how you’ve incorporated books into your decor..we love new inspiration!  Happy reading!
Bring Your Vintage Style to the Modern Beach

Bring Your Vintage Style to the Modern Beach

As a modern girl who likes to incorporate vintage style into everyday life, it can be hard to know when your outfit is boarding on the cusp of costume. Wanting to leave the house looking unique is admirable and standing out can be fun! Here are a few tips for beginners on how to be your vintage self this 4th of July, on your honeymoon, or the next time you visit a beach.

Vintage Red/White/Blue Beach

1. Buy pieces in solid colors with vintage shapes.
2. Play with pattern or elaborate details when buying accessories. Cute cat-eye sunglasses, a striped hat, or a bold flag scarf adds spice to an outfit without being overwhelming.
3. When working with themes (like red, white, and blue) pick muted colors and patterns – this helps create a vintage feel, even if the item is brand new.
4. Be practical. Wear what you would normally wear to the beach. Don’t add pieces simply because they’re vintage – the water, wind, and sand will all still be present as you relax.
5. Carry yourself with confidence! If you love your style and know you look good – any (wrong) judgement coming your way won’t be able to get through your thick (and right) skin.