Herbacious Tabletop

Herbacious Tabletop

For everyone trying to think of unique DIY tabletop decor, plucking some fresh herbs in a vase or pot are an excellent alternative to flowers, especially for the holidays.  They look great stuck just about anything–a mason jar, vintage vases, apothecary jars or planted in a cute little terracotta  pot.

This weekend, I found loads of herbs at U Street Farmers Market for an upcoming wedding that I’m styling.  The theme (which I LOVE) is a locavore-winter wedding.  So loads of sage, thyme, mint, and rosemary would be perfect!

Herbs are cheap in general and since it’s the end of the season, buying them is pretty cose effective.   If you are looking for mini potted herbs, many grocery stores sell them year round for like $2.99 each.

These are the ones I threw together this weekend, sorry about the poor lighting!

If you have had herb centerpieces at your wedding, please send me a pic and I’d love to feature it.