DIY Tutorial– Gold Indian Corn

DIY Tutorial– Gold Indian Corn

It’s not really a secret that I love to paint everything and anything gold annnnd I’m obsessed with corn.  Corn, corn, corn.  Hey, I’m from Indiana, what do you expect??

So I ask, why decorate with regular indian corn and fresh acorns when you could paint them gold?!

I use Design Master spray paint in “brilliant gold” to paint the corn.  It isn’t cheap, but it makes a huge difference when spraying flowers and vegetables because regular spray paint can look coppery.

Supplies you will need: 
  • Indian corn
  • Design Master floral spray paint in “brilliant gold”
  • Plastic wrap

1.  Wrap the husks of the corn in plastic wrap to prevent the spray paint from covering the husks.  
2.  Shake the spray paint and spray all sides of the corn from about 12 inches back. You can get all sides of the corn by picking it up and rotating it. 
3. Let dry for abou 15 minutes
3.  Ta-daaa!  You are done and have lovely gold corn!

You can do the same thing with acorns and other fall pretties, like dried leaves, seed pods etc.  These are some of the acorns I sprayed last night.