I generally don’t shy away from taking on a challenge, especially when it comes to taking on a new project because I never know where it will lead.  So when a wedding planner called a couple of weeks ago and asked for cream wingbacks, I told her, “welllll, I do have to wingback chairs that I’ve been meaning to reupholster…”  The catch: she needed them in four days.   When there is a will, there is a way.

Old suede upholstery on this wingback...ready to get removed

Old suede upholstery on this wingback…ready to get removed

So I worked on them day and night with my assistant, adding new padding, tufting, fabric, piping, and nail head trim.  Yes, it took me staying up 36 hours straight to finish them before the wedding, but we got them done and I’m thrilled with the results!

vintage chair reupholstery


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Vintage Tufted Chair for Repairs for Rent

I’ve learned that sometimes I just have to dive in because, as in life, if I’m always worrying about not knowing exactly how to add the piping or how to secure the tufting, I’d never start a project and never get to the result.  Sometimes it’s about learning as you go along on uncertain journeys and sometimes we are lucky enough to get beautiful nailhead wingbacks at the or a vintage rental business at the end.

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