At Something Vintage Rentals, our obsession and passion has always been handmade and vintage pieces! We think this is why our style resonates so deeply with couples aiming for a boho wedding. Bohemian weddings are all about embracing rustic elements, vintage accents, and natural materials so our mission to restore pieces by using reclaimed wood and heirloom furniture frames is right up their alley! We think it’s pretty much a match made in heaven!

A few months ago, the Huffington Post and Wedding Wire asked us to predict the wedding trends most likely to take center stage in 2018 and we immediately thought boho! In the photos below you’ll notice an abundance of greenery, lush flowers, natural wood elements, and inspiring colors. Plus, you’ll see some of our most treasured pieces featured! From classics like our District Reclaimed Wood Farm Tables and Palmer Garden Chairs to new favorites like our Lincoln Copper Chairs, there’s something for everyone. We hope you’ll be inspired by this glimpse into our boho collection! One thing’s for sure- this boho trend isn’t going away anytime soon!

boho_wedding_rental_dc_0351.jpgOur Summer Rattan Wicker Chairs are always a go-to for boho weddings! Topped with simple greenery and accompanied by our Finn Sheepskin Rug, Lincoln Copper Chairs, and Mallory Brass Coffee Table, they’ve never looked better!!

boho_wedding_rental_dc_0348.jpgOur beautiful Dupont Whitewashed Table looks SO gorgeous topped with these vibrant flowers and our Indian Green Glass Goblets! And we love how this wedding incorporated a block of Himalayan salt into the place settings- such a cool and unique idea!boho_wedding_rental_dc_0347.jpg
boho_wedding_rental_dc_0341.jpgSo many of our favorite pieces all in one pic!! The great thing about boho style is that it can incorporate so many other styles, like rustic and midcentury elements. We love how our Gibson Wire Loveseat looks paired with our Wyatt Boho Rattan Chair and Luna Rug! And just look at those funky pillows– so cool!!
boho_wedding_rental_dc_0360.jpgboho_wedding_rental_dc_0362.jpgThis picture is SO close to our hearts! Shot at Dawn’s very own wedding at the Something Vintage warehouse, we love the whimsical mix of chairs with our District Reclaimed Wood Tables. And how gorgeous are these florals by Holly Chapple?! Amazing!boho_wedding_rental_dc_0359.jpg
boho_wedding_rental_dc_0342.jpgEven gilded pieces like our Olivia Black & White Settee and our Marseille Louis Ivory Chairs can be boho when styled with fun pieces like our Henley Embossed Leather Trunk and Daphne Blush Turkish Rug!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: || 1. Lauren Louise & Emilia Ferrara || 2. Anne Robert || 3. Anne Robert || 4. Anne Robert || 5. Barbara O Photography || 6. Paula Bartosiewicz || 7. Rachel Maucieri || 8. Paula Bartosiewicz || 9. Anne Robert || 10. Sarah Collier || 11. L. Hewitt Photo || 12. L. Hewitt Photo || 13. Anne Robert || 14. Katie Stoops || 15. Anne Robert || 16. Lisa Blume || 17. L. Hewitt Photo || 18. Liz Fogarty || 19. Sarah Collier || 20. Anne Robert || 21. Barbara O Photography