If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know my true passion is taking forgotten, vintage pieces and turning them into something awesome–like these new Tyler Bar and Tyler Back Drop– with a bit of creativity and A LOT of elbow grease!  We do a ton of refinishing and custom building work and I realized we never really give you an opportunity to see the before and afters of our pieces—mainly because I get so excited to start the pieces I never take before photos! But I’m going to make a concerted effort to start taking “before” pictures so you can see what we start with and then see the finished product!

Baltimore-DC Event Planner Lauren Niles asked us to build a natural wood bar and bar back and I suggested using architectural salvage elements and she loved that idea, so we went to town figuring out elements that would make for show-stopping pieces.  My husband Zach is a genius at figuring out how to transform elements that I pick out into bars and backdrops and he did not disappoint on this one–am I right?!  We used architectural pieces that were once in a 1880s house in Philadelphia and constructed the Tyler Bar and Tyler Backdrop out of them.  It took tons of stripper, sweat, and elbow grease, but we are so thrilled with the results!  I hope you are too!  Introducing our new Tyler Bar and Back Drop and Bar Back!

XO, Dawn