If you didn’t already know, we are alllll about rattan these days! Our collection of peacock chairs has been growing like crazy lately and we’re not mad about it. These beauties are the best of boho- so cool and effortlessly stylish! These are always a go to for baby and bridal showers, however, we also love mixing our rattan furniture into lounge groupings with our upholstered pieces as well! We truly can’t believe how much our peacock posse has grown in the past year– we have sizes, colors, and shapes galore! So, we hope the pics below give you some major inspo and be sure to check out all of our rattan side tables online too!

vintage_peacock_rental_dc_0679.jpgOur Summer Peacock Chairs are some of our most popular pieces, in part because they’re so freakin’ versatile! We can’t get over how well the rattan complements our Takoma Round Whitewashed Table. Talk about a dreamy sweetheart combo– we’re in love!!
vintage_peacock_rental_dc_0685.jpgWe have so much fun mixing and matching our peacock chairs- just take a look at this set up! Our littlest peacocks, the Autumn Rattan Chairs, are displayed front and center in our new warehouse! We can’t get over how cute they look here with our recently refinished Delores Sofa and our assorted pillows!
vintage_peacock_rental_dc_0693.jpgOur Skye Rattan Chair is not your grandma’s peacock chair! We told ya we had shapes galore! Not only is the Skye totally unique, but it works with so many different lounge groupings because of its slightly lower profile!
vintage_peacock_rental_dc_0682.jpgWe’re always so excited when people choose to incorporate our peacock chairs into their dining set ups! It’s such a fun combo, and it’s always sure to impress your guests! We’re especially fond of this set up as it also features our Alder Teak Chargers, Indian Green Glass Goblets, and Jolee Vintage Gold Flatware! We’ve got hearts for eyes… for days! 😍😍😍vintage_peacock_rental_dc_0688.jpg
vintage_peacock_rental_dc_0678.jpgAnother fave! The detail on the back of our Sage Peacock Chair is craaazy! That’s another great thing about peacocks- they’re so bold, you don’t need much else in the way of decor! The Sage looks so cool here with just some simple greens and our Paisley Pillow.

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