It’s hard to pick SVR’s favorite style, but we reaaaaaally love midcentury 60s-70s funk! In our world, #MCM doesn’t stand for #ManCrushMondays. Instead, it’s #MidCenturyModern all day, EVERY day. We’ve been adding to our collection of midcentury modern pieces like crazy lately, and we’re so excited to share a round-up of some of our go-to pieces! One of the reasons MCM is one of our favorite vibes to work with is because it simultaneously feels both retro and modern. From sofas to credenzas to lighting to tabletop, we’ve got alllll the midcentury goodies! Did we mention ours are all authentic MCM pieces we’ve overhauled? In the photos featured below, you’ll see some of our favorite pieces like our Emerson Wire Settee, Benning Midcentury Credenza, and Rizzo Brass Lamp. Whether you’re planning your next corporate event, or looking for pieces to set your wedding apart from the rest, midcentury is always fun and sure to wow your guests!

FAVORITE. PICTURE. EVER. Seriously, we can’t believe how good Sarah Bradshaw and the ladies at Sweet Root Village made our Archie Chair look! Archie’s orange suede fabric and brass legs look so perfect with Sweet Root’s amazing florals, and this rad orange backdrop is sooo fun.midcentury_furniture_rental_dc_0999.jpgGreat for displaying escort cards, favors, photos, and more, our brand new Scout Bamboo Shelves are an instant fave! Their midcentury design is so much fun, and we love how the amazing Laura Ritchie paired them with one of our Summer Peacock Chairs, Peggy Sue End Table, and overlapping rugs. Also, can you spot our Ginny Copper Stand in the background? Such a fun idea to hang onesies on Ginny for this super stylish baby shower!While we have a ton of upholstered midcentury pieces, we also have some amazing tabletop options! The combination of our Alder Teak Charger and Goa White + Gold Flatware is giving this tabletop some super stylish midcentury vibes! We love a unique place setting and opting for something midcentury is the perfect way to give off retro and modern vibes all at once.
Our Embassy Midcentury Table is super 60s in all the best ways! Complete with tapered midcentury metal legs and a copper rimmed vintage formica top, the Embassy is super cool and also amazingly versatile! It even makes a great sweetheart table– especially when paired with our Lincoln Copper Chairs!

The Barbara Royal Blue Sofa (affectionately known as “Cookie Monster”) is one of our OG midcentury pieces and one of my all time faves. I’m not kidding– I’ve swiped Cookie for my living room on numerous occasions! Apart from her super fun color, one of our favorite things about Cookie is how versatile she is. In the photo above, we paired her with one of our Emerson Chairs, Peggy Sue End Table, and Silvestre Black Velvet Chairs for a super fun lounge grouping!
How fun are our June Bug Chairs?! That color! Those legs! The June Bugs looked pretty drab when we first picked them up, but after reupholstering them with the coolest turquoise velvet fabric, we couldn’t love them more. Love the style, but not the color? Check out our Silvestre Chairs! They’ve got the same midcentury tapered legs, but in their case, we opted for a luxe black velvet fabric. Also, can we take a moment of appreciation for these shelves?? We are head over heels for our Milo Midcentury Shelves– they look sooo cool styled with plants, books, and decor. Plus, they make an awesome memory station or escort display!PHOTOGRAPHY: || 1. Sarah Bradshaw || 2. Meredith Sledge || 3. Meredith Sledge || 4. Laura Ritchie || 5. Madison Short || 6. Madison Short || 7. Madison Short || 8. Sarah Aaron || 9. Anne Robert ||10. Amber Breitenberg || 11. Abby Jiu || 12.Katie Stoops ||13. Renée Hollingshead || 14. Renée Hollingshead || 15. Sweet Root Village || 16.  Katie Stoops || 17. Lindsay Kidwell || 18. Madison Short ||