Since launching in 2012, Something Vintage Rentals has been obsessed with curating a collection of trend-setting rental pieces that create fun, joy filled, and memorable events.

We believe in sustainability – giving new life to old pieces. That’s why we build and craft much of our inventory in-house,  we put our blood, sweat, and tears, into redesigning and making them badass. We believe in giving new opportunities to, and supporting local makers to give your event a bespoke touch. 

We are a group of powerhouse women who aren’t afraid to push design boundaries and get shit done. We want to make this world a more bright and happy place, one event at a time!



Patina-stalker, mother to Hank and sweet girl June, gardening maven, pug-lover, native Hoosier, and wanna-be power weight lifter. She loves a good glass of Merlot or sour beer and just can’t say no to anything Italian. After a career as a terrorism analyst, she decided hoarding beautiful, old things was much more enticing and created Something Vintage. Her wonderful husband Zach manages to tolerate the crazy all the while crafting amazing custom pieces for clients. Dawn’s love for vintage furniture stems from the meticulous details that are so elusive today – hand-tufted velvet, carved wood trim, intricate floral-patterned plates – these are the things that bring her joy. Her work has been featured in Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, Washingtonian and more. She is passionate about breathing life back into forgotten pieces and celebrating the beautiful details that are true rarities in our modern age.



Part of one great big loud, loving, Cuban family that spans New York to Miami, resident Pandora DJ and Movie Expert, Lauren is a literature enthusiast with a serious case of wanderlust. She has a soft spot for SVR’s upholstery, and is always ready with a witty name for our latest finds. Can’t decide on your perfect lounge set up? Lauren’s the girl to effortlessly whip up packages to capture that je ne sais quoi you’re looking for. She has been with Something Vintage since February of 2016.



Ashley is an avid adventure-seeker, and when she’s not planning her next big trip around the world, she’s either running around the city with her dog, Stella, or trying a new Thai restaurant. Her love of all things vintage started at a young age when her family dragged her to as many flea markets and yard sales as they could find.  With a background in event planning and marketing, Ashley helps with anything and everything related to marketing (with an emphasis on the everything).  You will always find her with at least one Adobe suite program running or her computer at any given time and she is always up for any WordPress challenge you throw at her.  She has been with the SVR team since July 2017.



Proud Basque, crazy about dogs and whales, Carly is an avid reader with a passion for traveling, flower picking, and interior design. Lover of all things velvet and vintage, and always in favor of a whimsical tablescape, she fits right in at SVR. A jack of all trades, Carly assists with everything from taking inventory photos to writing blog posts to answering emails to BBQ runs to organizing the unruliest warehouse areas. She has been with Something Vintage since October of 2017.



Our social media guru who has most likely stalked your Instagram page. After working in event planning, Lindsay was drawn to Something Vintage where she discovered her love for design and styling. When she’s not whipping up our latest social media post, you can find her traveling the West Coast, somewhere eating Italian food, or homebound laying on the couch with her 4 dogs. Lindsay had been with the SVR team since November 2017.



Married to Dawn, father to Hank and baby June, pug-tolerant, passion for salvaging reclaimed wood, industrial pieces and geeky sci-fi movies. Ends up lifting, moving and dealing with all the heavy “garbage” Dawn picks out.  Proudly renovated his DC rowhouse.  Always sarcastic and ready with a joke.



West Coast transplant with an eye for relaxed glamour, Tiffany brings her boho-cool to the us East Coasters. Military wife, and mother of three, she is an expert in everything from power tools to floral arrangements. Basically, she rocks. Tiff has been with SVR since 2014.



Peebles is the official Something Vintage mascot and cuddler.  She enjoys lounging on anything upholstered, carrots, and taking children’s toys and running away with them, and jumping on tables for food when people are not looking.  A ball of energy and a huge personality, she is a key member of the SVR team!  Oh yeah, she will drink your beer too if you aren’t careful!

Where to from here? Reach out with our contact form, shoot us an email at, start a wishlist with your favorite inventory pieces, or give us a ring at 202.596.8445!

Something Vintage Rentals specializes in reclaimed, handmade and heirloom pieces for weddings and events large or small. Our handmade farm tables, upholstered furniture, vintage china and custom builds are perfect for creating bespoke displays. Contact us today to receive your custom proposal!