Champagne Glasses

Check out these lovely vintage champagne glasses!  These beauties, sometimes also called “champage coupes” came into fashion in 1930s in the post-prohibition era.

Today, these are regaining popularity, especially as bars specializing in craft cocktails often use these for their specialty drinks.


Price: $1.99


We have dozens of lovely platters and serving bowls to accompany our vintage china.  These are well-suited for a family-style dinner, a buffet, or dessert display.  We have lovely silver-plated serving utensils as well.

antique platters


$3.99   Serving bowls
$3.99   Serving platters

$4.99   Dessert platters
$1.49   Serving spoons

Blush Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Blush Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Blush wedding inspiration

Blush is coloring the wedding world this year and we love it!  From blush wedding dresses to pink accents on tables, the ultra femme shade is making appearances everywhere.  We especially love it paired with gold or other soft colors, like hues of pink, sand or champagne.

blush wedding inspiration board, decor

From Found Vintage Rentals and

How stunning is this blush bouquet from Holly Heider Chapple flowers?

Blush bouquet from Holly Heider Chapple

Blush bouquet from Holly Heider Chapple


Long Lace Tablecloth

Long Lace Tablecloth

These lovely cotton lace tablecloths are a stunning topper for tables.   Their  intricate designs that show the high-quality of the lace that will sure to have your guests swooning.  They are white and measure 104″ x 72″.   No polyester lace here!

We care for each one of these by hand, including hand-pressing them with a vintage rotary iron, so you can be confident there will be no unsightly creases like you see in many rented table linens.  These will come to you picture-perfect.

Long Lace Tablecloth Rentals



Antique Flatware

Antique Flatware

Gold Flatware

How lovely is this vintage stunning gold flatware?  For those who want to bring in some gold to their event, these are  the perfect touch that will stand out in your photos and that your guests will love.

We have a number of patterns that are mix and matched.


Gold Flatware


Price: $1.25 (per piece)

Sliver Flatware

Your guests will definitely take notice of our antique silverware.   Our flatware really stands out compared to stainless–it has the antique luster and each piece is decorated with intricate patterns that you don’t see in today’s silverware.   These look great with our antique china.

We can provide mismatching or  matching sets.



Price: $0.75 (per piece)