We are thrilled to announce our 10 favorite new inventory items ready for rental!

We are constantly sourcing beautiful vintage and handmade furnishings – so if you have your heart set on something, it’s likely we do too! Let us know, we might have in stock and just not on the site yet!

10. RUGS

Our Turkish and Moroccan Rugs in pinks, greens, neutrals and maroons bring a new level to luxury lounging and entertaining. A great way to section an outdoor seating area, or an indoor micro parlor. Outdoor rentals will come with a plastic tarp underlining to protect your guests and their Sunday best the great outdoors. More pictures coming soon!

Oushak Handknotted Turkish Rug , pre-war 107″ x 52″

Moroccan Traditional Tribal Rug, 1960’s,  6 x 10′

9. Fireplace Mantles
Want to create a complete scene? We have been collecting a few classic fireplace mantles, including the one below with ornate Corinthian columns – lovely to create a ceremony alter, or add it to a lounge to create a beautifully composed environment.


8. Upholstered Stage Surround

Our grey stage surround is upholstered with tufted cream panels to match our upholstered bar – and is designed to be the front panel of a raised stage for performers  and anyone with the spotlight on them. No more worrying about ugly stage legs or bedskirts. The entertainment and toasts can now be gorgeously photographed from head to toe. 18′ x 16ft x 8ft, can be customized for your stage.

We love renting our bars as DJ booths as well, and work perfectly to hide all the technology, wires and equipment.

7. Chestnut Pergola

Oh golly, how we love our winter project and our pergola will be available for rental in April 2015.  We were inspired by the pergolas that are popping up all over the West Coast and Instagram and thought to bring some of that lovely indoor/outdoor comfort to D.C. Hand hewn chestnut barn beams are being refurbished in a canopy that can have flowers, vines, linens, or lights draped and hung. We’ve been collecting inspiration on our Pinterest. It’s the perfect framing for a headtable/sweetheart table (A single farmtable fits comfortably underneath). We imagine it as a lovely shaded arbor for a lounge, a setting for a dramatic bar, or as a welcoming ceremonial Chuppah. 10′ x 10 ‘


Credit:  Found Vintage Rentals

Credit: Found Vintage Rentals


6. Ottomans

We are going to cozy up this winter upholstering and tufting berry toned ottomans, perfect for cocktail hour and seating around a dance floor, the ottomans encourage conversation and repose while still allowing 360 access to the party. The ottomans are also perfect with our mirrored silver trays as a coffee (or champagne) table.

5. New Upholstered Chairs

The Baldwins: These chairs are lovely – we just never got them on the site! The soft velvet is so luscious – and the pair of them together with the gold painted wicker are great additions to any lounge or seating area – or as creative sweetheart seating. Just be careful, these pretty babies are comfortable!


The Balwins with our gold Victorian sofa at Woodend Sanctuary.

French White Chairs: Caned back with whitewashed finish with cream, natural upholstered seats.  Pics coming Soon!

White and Gold Wingbacks:  Tufted backs, gold caned sides.  Photos coming soon!


4. Buffets
Our white vintage buffet was getting so popular we couldn’t keep up with demand! So we are adding a gold antique buffet and a rustic pine one.  I mean, who doesn’t love gold, right?


Ours will be brilliant gold like this beauty!

Ours will be brilliant gold like this beauty!


3. Garden Party Chairs

We’ve blogged about our Palmer-Snyder folding chairs before – but they are really just so lovely we can’t help but list them again. Original post-war wooden folding chairs from Pennsylvania – the Palmers have witnessed 6 decades of parties, weddings, graduations and church picnics in my home state of Indiana. We were so lucky to get them, and then to bring them back to their original glory. Every time I sit in one, I can feel the spirit of all the little old ladies with lace gloves enjoying their cake and smile at the 3 generations of memories these chairs have helped make.

2. New Sofas! 

We have a handful of new sofas in white, cream, and gray that are getting ready for the 2015 season.

The Nadia.  This sofa is gorgeous! A completely natural, undyed fabric was used to reupholstered this vintage couch.  She just went out for a test-drive for her first wedding at Longview Gallery in D.C with the white parlour chairs and mirrored end table bringing an old world sensibility to the modern lounge.

The Nadia at Longview Gallery

The Nadia at Longview Gallery, along with our matching caned back chairs, cream settee, lace bench, clawfoot coffee table, and mirrored end table. 

The Flapper: Oooh we love this little number!  A fringe skirt?  Yes, please!  This beautiful sofa is cream with gold metallic flowers…and of course the fringe trim.  I was tempted to steal this for my own living room!

Art Decor sofa for rent

Our Flapper sofa at a photoshoot at Longview Gallery

Grayson Sofa:  Belgian gray linen is covering this Victorian beauty.  Gold trim, of course!


The Grayson Sofa with our new linen wing backs with nailhead trim.




1. Bar and Bar Backs

We’ve been obsessing over bars and signature cocktail stations for most of the summer and are  in the midst making amazing bar backs for them. After seeing our whitewashed, Maxwell and upholstered bars in action we realized how much more obsessing there is to do!  Why not make the bar into a focal point of your fete?  We are  building these bar backs from reclaimed wood—they’ll be perfect to display pretty bottles, decor, lighting, and great for bartenders to store their glassware and bottles.


We haven’t seen too many like it yet, but have been keeping a page of inspiration and would love to hear your thoughts. So roll up your sleeves 2015 is going to be a year of delicious cocktails!

industrial bar back

Our inspiration for our bar back